Get Connected at The Water’s Edge

At The Water’s Edge, we are passionate about helping people connect with others so that we may grow in our friendship and faith. We’ve found that lasting life change and deep community best happen in smaller groups. House Churches, interest groups, classes, and serving teams are all places for us to experience love and acceptance.

Next Steps

New to The Water’s Edge? Looking for a new church home in West Omaha? Get more details about visiting or joining our church.

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House Churches

We believe true growth and community happens in small groups. We encourage all members of The Water’s Edge to experience fellowship in a House Church or Interest Group!

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Kids Ministry

We love kids at The Water’s Edge! We are passionate about teaching kids the Bible and valuable lessons that extend beyond Sunday mornings.

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Youth Ministry

Our various youth ministry opportunities give middle and high school students the freedom to openly talk about their lives, ask questions about God, and grow in their faith.

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