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Thanks for checking out our job openings. See something that interests you? Contact Jennie at jennie@weomaha.com or call 402.952.4473.

MOPS Childcare

MOPS, a study and fellowshiping opportunity for moms, is here at WE! Part of the WE MOPS success and blessing is loving caretakers watching the mothers’ kids while they meet. Kids under care will be between the ages of 1-5, and the group meets every other Wednesday (8:45-11:15am). WE’d love to hear from you; send WE Kids Pastor Jason (jason@weomaha.com) your info and questions. Caretakers will be offered compensation.


Interested in working for The Water’s Edge but don’t see a position that fits? WE would still love to hear from you. Email your cover letter and resume to Jennie at jennie@weomaha.com.