Even the most beautiful works of art have something in common – if you flip them over, you can see they all started out as something bare. Sometimes, even ugly. The same can be said about Christmas. When God promised His people a savior, He didn’t start with something beautiful. Instead, He flipped things around and started with something plain. And, when He did, He gave us a gift that flipped how things would be forever. Join The Water’s Edge this Advent as WE flip how we look at the Christmas story and see the beauty to be found in the simplest of things.

Sermon Videos

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Week 1
Shame Into Salvation
Leandra Esler
Week 2
Rules Into Relationship
Chad Schuchmann
Week 3
Deadends Into Detours
Craig Finnestad
Week 5
Wandering Into Wonderment
Leandra Esler

Weekly Reflection &

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The Candles

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