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Over the course of several days, many of us watched as our friends and neighbors suffered devastating property damage and loss due to floods brought on by heavy snows followed by rain. Many of you have asked two things – are WE going to help? and How? The answer to those questions are yes, without a doubt. WE believe that WE look most like Jesus when WE serve and WE are prepared to serve our friends and neighbors as they begin to recover from the floods. How WE do that is still being determined. However, WE anticipate this will be an on-going project that will last many, many months. To find out more on how WE can show we are #ForNebraska, please read Pastor Craig’s message below and fill out the form to be added to our Flood Relief Volunteers list. As WE receive information on how WE can assist our neighbors, WE will contact you and begin sending teams out to help. To further help our neighbors in need, WE have included a Flood Relief Assistance form as well. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance due to the floods, please fill out the form and someone will be in touch.

If you have any questions about our Flood Relief efforts, please contact Rick at rick@weomaha.com.


WE are #ForNebraska #NebraskaStrong

A Note From Pastor Craig

I have lived through a flood before. I had just graduated from Drake University. It was the summer of 1993. I was still looking for a job. Any job. My job search was delayed by rain. The rains were relentless for days across Iowa. The waterlogged rivers began to overflow. The downtown area was flooded by the Des Moines River. The Raccoon River took out the Water Works treatment facility. We didn’t have running water for a week and drinking water for a month. Floods are tough.

Water is the best. Swimming, drinking, boating, cleaning, cooking, baptizing…it’s all good stuff. Too much water is the worst. Unfortunately, thousands of Nebraskans and Iowans are experiencing too much water right now. This time it is the Elkhorn, Platte, and Missouri Rivers stamping out their authority on the Great Plains leaving a path of destruction and broken dreams.

The human spirit has proven to be more powerful than any river. Volunteers and donors have demonstrated that when some of us are hurting then all of us are hurting. What the waters have destroyed, people will rebuild.

It is still too early to do too much. Many are still waiting for the flood waters to recede so they can get to their house or get in their house. Most everybody else is waiting for their insurance person to come and assess the damage.

So while the victims wait…WE are preparing. Here is our plan:

Work Teams for Clean-Up and Mud Muck Outs

WE are taking registrations for teams who will go in and begin the clean-up process. Individuals, families, and Life Groups are encouraged to participate together. WE anticipate most of these will be one-day events and will happen on Saturdays, but some will occur during the week as well. We are also forming teams that will be working on three to five day projects this summer. Use the registration link below to sign up.

Gift Cards to Help Flood Victims

Gift cards can be donated at the front desk during business hours and on Sunday mornings. Some suggestions are: Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, HyVee, Bakers, Target, and Walmart. The Water’s Edge will distribute these directly to families we assist who are affected by flooding.

Financial Gifts

WE have a Flood Relief Fund to directly assist those affected by the floods. You can give online HERE by using the key word “Flood”. You can also drop-off financial gifts during worship or during the week. If you are writing a check, use the word “Flood” in the memo section. 100% of your donations will go directly to flood victims.


Pray for the flood victims. And, pray for the first responders and volunteers who are serving so faithfully. Pray that people experience God’s presence during this season of recovery.

-Pastor Craig

Flood Relief Volunteers

Interested in serving on areas effected by the recent floods? Fill out the form below and WE will be in contact when serving opportunities become available. Please note, flood relief will be an on-going effort and WE anticipate many opportunities to serve over the next year. If you have any questions, please contact Rick at rick@weomaha.com.

Flood Relief Assistance

In need of assistance due to recent floods or know someone who is? Please click on the button and complete the form below. Once your form is received, a representative of our WE Serve team will be in contact to gather more information and schedule a site inspection so WE may best determine how WE can help.

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