Welcome To Fun Month!

Remember when we were kids and everything we did revolved around one thing – having fun? It was our main goal and what made us tick. And, yet, somewhere along the way, we became adults and chasing fun no longer became a priority. Here’s the deal…FUN MATTERS! Fun isn’t frivolous, fun is essential! It enriches our lives, lifts our spirits, and reminds us that a fulfilling life is filled with joy. When WE chase fun, joy follows. When WE have joy, hope follows. When we have hope, contentment is near. That’s why The Water’s Edge is declaring August 2022 as FUN MONTH! Join us as we take a look at the importance of fun and how we can discover it right where we are.


Week 1
Spreading Sunshine:
Craig Finnestad
Week 2
Amateur Hour:
Leandra Esler
Week 3
Find Your Tribe:
Week 4
Chase Fun:

Study & Reflection Journal

In this journal you’ll find daily and weekly activities, readings and questions to build on Sunday’s sermon. It can be used on your own or with friends, family or your House Church. This journal is all for you! Make it your own. Doodle on the pages, use bright colors, use stickers! If you think it’s fun, go for it!