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A Message From Our Pastors

Times weren’t good. Haman and his henchmen were ready to exterminate the Jewish population in Persia. Xerxes seemed fine with it. Mordecai was the first person on Haman’s list of people to get rid of because Mordecai was a Jew who stood up for what he believed. Mordecai enlisted this young woman, Esther, to save him, specifically, and the Jewish people, in general. He pleads to her: And who knows? Perhaps you have been made queen for such a time as this. Esther invites Mordecai and his people to fast and pray for three days and she promises that she and her people will do the same. Esther’s eventual response to Mordecai is one of courage: I will go in to the king and plead my people’s case. And if I die, then I die! –Esther 4:14-16 

For such a time as this. Esther was the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We are not going to give you an in-depth social commentary or even a snap-shot of how we observe the world around us. But, we agree, and you likely agree with us: the world needs Jesus. We believe The Water’s Edge is the right church, in the right location, at the right time for people in the western parts of the metro Omaha area and beyond. We believe our congregation’s response in 2021 will be like Esther’s response centuries ago: one of commitment and obedience. 

We are beyond grateful for your generosity, which enables The Water’s Edge to remain in a strong financial position. Our giving is up 9.9% over last year and is 6% ahead of budgeted giving. We are not aware of other congregations in Omaha or beyond who are experiencing this kind of increase. Thank you! 

Our staff, generosity team, and leadership team are proposing a $1,136,500 budget for 2021. This is a 3.3% increase from our 2020 budget. The pandemic and cultural chaos have not diminished the ministries of The Water’s Edge—only changed the way WE deliver ministry and mission. The need for Jesus is greater than either of us have experienced in our lifetimes. This 3.3% increase will be the smallest increase in our congregation’s history. It balances being fiscally responsible and visionary for a time such as this. 

We encourage you to read the pages of this brochure and celebrate the impact The Water’s Edge has on the lives of so many. Also, take a look at the graphic detailing the 2021 Financial Plan. Finally, join us in praying about deepening our financial commitment to The Water’s Edge and to God’s Kingdom for a time such as this. 

The best is yet to come… 

Craig and Leandra 

The Waters Edge’s generosity has played a significant role in supporting many families of Holling Heights Elementary School during times of need. In the spring, several families lost jobs and wages as a result of Coronavirus. The Water’s Edge provided money to many of these families. In the fall, several Holling Heights’s families were displaced due to an apartment fire. The Water’s Edge financially supported the relocation of one family. The Waters Edge’s commitment to being a church of and for the people is a true blessing. It has allowed for others to see and feel Christ in action in their darkest moments. This generosity has shifted despair to hope, sadness to gratitude, and feelings of isolation to connectedness.
Tracy Logan

Principal, Holling Heights Elementary

Release Ministries serves by entering the homes of broken families, connecting displaced youth with their parents, and providing godly mentors who bring life and love to the struggling youth of our community. The support of The Water’s Edge Church makes it possible for these youth and families to be cared for and shown the love of Jesus during these desperate times. We truly believe that The Water Edge’s love and participation in our shared mission releases the disproportionate power of God’s grace into the lives of the youth and families we are honored to serve. The Water’s Edge is one of our largest partners and has helped us serve over 1,200 youth, 1,600 families, and 110 foster children over the last year—thank you!
Garth Hilton

Impact Facilitator, Release Inc.

The Water’s Edge church has blessed our ministry with funds to purchase bicycles for our 13 missionaries. Now they can go faster and further. The kindness of donors has fed hundreds of starving families in a country where poverty prevails. Without your help, everything would have been more difficult. The Water’s Edge is an answer to our prayers. Thank you!

-Pastor Leandro Ramirez, 

Leandro Ramirez

Pastor, Methodist Church in Santa Fe, Cuba

WE Youth 
  • An average of 100 students regularly attend youth group 
  • 44 students became new members of the church through confirmation
  • 7 graduating seniors participated in a trip to Colorado 
WE Kids 
  • 47 third to fifth graders took part in Wednesday night activities 
  • 38 3rd Graders will receive their Bibles 
 WE Provide 
  • 2,570 food items collected to be donated to local charities 
  • More than 1,200 school supplies were collected for The Hope Center for Kids 
  • 13 bicycles were given to pastors in Cuba, making it easier to travel to their churches and visit members of the community 
  • $20,000 was given to support our mission partners in Uganda by helping equip local people to address the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities through health and wellness initiatives 
  • Over $35,000 was donated to our WE Assist fund and distributed to families in our church and community that were negatively impacted by the pandemic 
  • WE hosted six Blood Drives to help with a national blood shortage 
Leading People in a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ and Each Other 
  • 300 people are in 29 house churches connecting with each other and growing in their relationship with Jesus 
  • We have baptized 18 people so far this year 
  • 130 people participated in WE University, learning about money, marriage, mental health, leadership, and growing in their faith 
  • 35 people participated in the Follower’s Made discipleship program 
  • 40 people new to The Water’s Edge joined a Dinner for 8 group and built relationships with others in the church 

Monthly Giving

Start where you are and take a step forward. Believe that God will multiply your gift and do great things in you and through you. Challenge yourself and experience the joy of generosity. 

Click on the button below to find our Commitment Brochure. In it you will find:

  • Ways to Give
  • Monthly Giving Chart
  • Mail In Committment Card

Online Commitment Card

At The Water’s Edge, our giving to the annual budget supports our ministries and missions. Each year we make an annual commitment pledging our tithes and offerings for the coming year. Here is why we commit: 

  • WE believe returning a portion of our financial resources to do God’s work through our church is an act of worship. 
  • WE believe that living a life of generosity frees us spiritually and financially. It changes us from an inward focus to an outward focus. 
  • The annual financial commitments fund the many ministries of the church including worship, children’s ministries, student ministries, life groups, pastoral care and support, and missions. 

Ready to make your 2021 commitment? Click on the button below to submit your commitment card online. 

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