Did you know that The Water’s Edge has an Endowment Fund?

What Is An Endowment Fund?

An Endowment Fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding for the church. Endowment assets are permanently invested and a portion of the earnings of this fund can be paid out to support the fund’s purpose. Endowment funds help ensure that the church can continue its ministry and mission beyond our lifetimes.

What is the source of funding for the Endowment Fund?

Some will give special gifts from time to time to the Endowment Fund. Others include the church in their wills and estate plans designating a portion of their estate to the Endowment Fund.

How does the Endowment Fund benefit The Water’s Edge?

The Endowment Fund provides much needed financial support to assure God’s work will continue through us and our church. Earnings can be used to support ministries and activities not funded by the ministry operating budget. The Water’s Edge Endowment program has four funds.


Types Of Funds

Unrestricted Fund

The earnings will be used for the greatest needs of the church as determined by the Legacy Team and the Leadership Team. (This does not include expenses typically included in the ministry operating budget.)

Age Level Ministries

The earnings will be used for children and youth ministries sponsored by the church. Examples may include:

  • Early childhood and family support programs
  • Scholarships for Christian camps, retreats & youth mission trips
  • Unbudgeted equipment needs


The earnings will be used to support missions and mission partners consistent with the mission and values of The Water’s Edge. Included are:

  • Local, national and international missions
  • Mission trip scholarships for adults
  • Missionary support

Leadership Development Fund

The earnings will be used to facilitate leadership development for The Water’s Edge Church as well as other Christian ministries outside The Water’s Edge. Uses may include:

  • Resourcing members of The Water’s Edge to pursue a ministry calling (pastor, youth director, children’s director, etc.)
  • Resourcing leadership development opportunities for staff and lay leaders of the church
  • Funding a leadership position for the church that may not be resourced from the ministry budget
  • Continuing education

How does the Endowment Fund benefit the donor?

The Endowment Fund provides an opportunity to leave a legacy that will benefit future generations. Your investment communicates that you believe in the future of The Water’s Edge and that you want our church to be as relevant for future generations and families as it is for us today.

By investing in one of The Water’s Edge Endowment Funds, you are saying that you believe in the future of our church.

What is planned giving?

Planned gifts are gifts made from accumulated assets during the donor’s lifetime or from “estate” assets. Typically, planned giving involves including the church in your will or estate plan. The gifts may be made through such vehicles as trusts, charitable gift annuities, donor advised funds, or a bequest in a will.

Ways To Give


Cash gifts are welcome at any time and could provide immediate tax benefits.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance provides an effective method of leaving a legacy to the church.

Stocks and Bonds

Gifts of securities provide significant tax benefits.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate can provide similar benefits as gifts of securities.

Your Will

There are many ways you can gift assets to the church. Bequests to the church are always excluded from your taxable estate and provide a very simple way to leave a legacy.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This is a gift vehicle that involves a contract between the donor and the church. The donor transfers cash or property to the church in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from the charity.

Charitable IRA Rollover Distribution

This gift (for those over the age of 70.5) is distributed directly from the IRA. The amount contributed this way counts toward the required IRA minimum distribution for the year of the gift.

Before considering the amount and type of gift, you should consult with your attorney or accountant to determine the impact on your personal and financial situation.

Where are the funds invested?

The Water’s Edge has an Investment Management Agreement with the Nebraska United Methodist Foundation (NUMF). They offer several fund options depending upon when distributions are anticipated, and the level of risk preferred.


Who administers the funds?

The Water’s Edge Legacy Team administers the funds. This team (including the pastor) is responsible for developing the policy and guidelines, making investment decisions, and receiving requests for use of the Endowment Funds.


How do I get additional Information?

Contact the church to connect with a member of the Legacy Team.

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