House Church – The Series

What if church wasn’t just a building we attend occasionally, but something we offer to others whenever and wherever through our actions and words? This fall, The Water’s Edge is going to embark on a new journey as a community by adopting an old idea – House Church. A full sanctuary with hundreds of people multiple times on Sunday morning may not be possible for a while, but what if God has something different in mind for this season of our lives? The earliest record of the church had people meeting in people’s homes and in the temple courts. They broke bread together. Cared for one another. Prayed with one another. And, together, grew in their faith. All outside the walls of the temple. Join us as WE take a look at what it means to not just attend church, but be the church – wherever and whenever. Join us as we begin the journey into making something old, new again.

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“Your Temporary Forever Home”

Week 1 Sermon Notes

Week 1 Study Guide

“Looking Like Jesus”

Week 5 Sermon Notes

Week 5 Study Guide

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