Help. Thanks. Wow. Amen.

Most of us want to pray. Some of us do well at praying. Others of us—not so much. All of us can grow in our prayer life. October will be devoted to prayer at The Water’s Edge. In worship we will be learning about prayer. Specifically using a simple, but powerful formula: Help, Thanks, Wow, Amen. Daily devotions will have us praying for specific things and people. A resource guide will inspire and encourage us to pray consistently. Prepare to grow in your relationship with God as WE prayer together this October at The Water’s Edge.

As part of our series, “Help. Thanks. Wow. Amen.” we have created a list of 31 prayers to pray during the month of October. WE invite you to join us in praying with us over the next 31 days. Use the prayers in the link below as a guide and add your own as well.


Week 1 – Help

Leandra Esler

Week 1 Sermon Notes

Week 2 – Thanks

Craig Finnestad

Week 2 Sermon Notes

Week 3 – Wow

Craig Finnestad

Week 3 Sermon Notes

Week 4 – Amen

Craig Finnestad

Week 4 Sermon Notes

Prayer: Finding The Heart’s True Home – A Life Group Study

Prayer brings us closer to God and others. During this Life Group Study, WE will look at prayer in three ways: inward, upward, and outward. In week one, WE move inward and seek the transformation we need. During week 2, WE will move upward and seek the intimacy we need. And, finally, in Week 3, WE  move outward and seek the ministry we need.

Week 1 - Inward

Prayer brings us closer to God and others. We will look at prayer in three ways during this series: inward, upward, and outward.

 This week we will move inward and seek the transformation we need. 

Week 1 Leader Guide

Week 2 - Upward

Just like the child seeking intimacy from his mother, we should also seek intimacy with our Father. In order for our relationship –  our faith – to grow, we need to allow ourselves to be fully aware of His constant presence in our lives. This week, WE move upward to build the intimacy we seek and need from our Father.

Week 2 Leader Guide

Week 3 - Outward

When we extend our prayer life outward, we bring God our recognition of His activity in our lives, our daily prayers and desires, and the needs and hurts of others. These prayers, for ourselves and others, help us to share in God’s work in our lives, and in loving and caring for those we lift up.

Week 3 Leader Guide