Giving Up On Lent

Lent. The season of giving up. We give up social media. We give up sodas. We give up chocolate. We give up eating meat and replace it with Friday Evening Fish Frys. Year after year, WE do the same things. So much so that Lent has become more about tradition than transformation. But, what would happen if we gave up on Lent as we know it? What if instead of holding on tradition, we sought transformation? What if we looked toward renewal in someone instead of something? This Lent, join us at The Water’s Edge as WE seek to turn away from tradition and move to transformation by taking a look at the examples set by Christ. This Lent, we will give up on Lent and move toward new life.

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Famous Last Words – A Life Group Study

Famous last words come in a lot of different forms. Some are thought provoking and profound, some are ironic and sad, and some are surprisingly ordinary and normal. But no matter what, there’s a reason they’re memorable. We remember last words not because of what was said, but because of when they were said. These words have power because of their context. For the next few weeks, we’re going to look at some famous last words that are definitely worth remembering: some of the last words of Jesus. As Jesus journeyed with His disciples toward Jerusalem, He knew His death was approaching. And the things He said in the moments leading up to, and following His crucifixion are certainly worth remembering. In studying this part of His life, we’ll see that Jesus’ famous last words can help us take some of the first steps toward living the life God intended for us.

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