If Money Talked

Every wondered what money would say if you asked for its advice? What would money say if you asked it to pull up a chair and have a conversation? Many of us might be surprised to find that what it would say is no real secret. In fact, it’s pretty close to what Jesus said –  two thousand years ago. Finances and faith. Two things we often separated but the two are connected. Over the next five weeks, WE will take a look at our finances, our faith and how the two relationships can and should work together. Join us for “If Money Talked.”

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“The Consumption Assumption”

Week 1 Sermon Notes

Week 1 Study Guide

“Meaningful Money”

Week 4 Sermon Notes

Week 4 Study Guide

Masters or Master’s?

Week 2 Sermon Notes

Week 2 Study Guide

 “What you choose to do with your money speaks volumes on who and whose you are.”

“A Flipped Script”

Week 3 Sermon Notes

Week 3 Study Guide

“5G Network”

Week 5 Sermon Notes

Week 5 Study Guide

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Series tips for our House Church leaders.

Be a good “bad example.” – Just because you’re the group leader, you don’t have to agree with everything said or have your finances in perfect shape. In fact, sharing your own mistakes and honest answers to the discussion questions will give everyone in your group permission to do the same. That kind of authentic discussion will help everyone get the most out of this study. So, if you notice people holding back or trying to be on their best behavior, try leading with some risky honesty.

Week 1 – Week 1 focuses on assumptions about money. Try not to judge your group members’ responses to the activity or the discussion questions. Redirect the conversation if it seems others are becoming. judgemental. The goal is not to correct anyone’s assumptions but to allow everyone to process what has influenced their view of money.

Week 2 – Week 2 encourages you to track where your money is sent and spent. Encourage your House Church members to follow through with this. Consider sending a midweek reminder message with encouragement.

Week 3 – Week 3 ontroduces a new way to prioritize your spending—give first, save second, and live on the rest. Encourage everyone in your group to complete the application questions and talk about how each of you can achieve these goals. Next Sunday is Commitment Sunday. Send a mid-week reminder to your members about completing their commitment cards.

Week 4 – Week 4 introduces a significant question that could dramatically alter how you mange your money: To what ends do you want your life to be a means? If any of your group members struggle to connect this question to their personal finances, spend some time discussing examples of people who have used their money in meaningful ways.

Week 5 – Week 5 focuses on God’s vision for the church. Talk about this week’s application as a group. Ask how you can hold each other accountable to completing these actions.

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