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The Water’s Edge, and virtually every other congregation in the world, has lost some of the community that defined us for our first 15 years. WE Serve has been with us since the beginning and has helped us develop community with each other while serving our larger community.

This year, WE are expanding WE Serve beyond Sunday morning, to a two-week period from August 1st – August 15th, expanding our reach into the community and allowign more people participate. I encourage everyone to serve at least once during WE Serve.

Registration is live and WE will be adding additional sites over the next week. Take a moment and register today, while you are thinking about it. WE serve is great for families and house churches to do together.


To learn more about WE Serve:

How to Deal with Rejection

I was doing some research on dealing with rejection and ran into a gem. The author had seven tips. Six were predictable and one was quite unconventional. The unconventional one was something like: Without thinking about it, write down two or three of your favorite products. Stop reading and write them down. OK, now that you have written them down, go to Amazon or Yelp or wherever and read all the negative reviews of the product.

Slow Watch

The watch started losing time within couple of months of purchase. This watch has no practical value. I think most reviews are carefully planted. This is the most expensive piece of junk I ever bought and I hate looking at.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking

I hated this book and every condescending word in it. She is full of you know what. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, to be happy alone, to enjoy quiet, and to be at peace with oneself. She knows nothing about us but will tell us how we should be to get along in an extroverted society. No thanks. 

You are going to get negative reviews in your personal and professional life. The bad job review. The group text where people are saying mean things about you and others in the group aren’t standing up for you. Rejection happens. Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Rejection means the other person failed to see what you have to offer. Rejection means you tried. Rejection is a necessary step to abundance and significance. Rejection happens. One of life’s most important tasks is to learn to deal with it well. And remember, you have acceptance from the One whose opinion matters most. 

Endowment Update – Help Us Get to 100 gifts and $30,000

Great job getting our new endowment off to a great start! We have 95 gifts so far, totaling $29,651. Our future selves will be grateful for this and, more importantly, so will the next generation. 

Learn more about the endowment here: https://www.weomaha.com/give/legacy

Let’s see if WE can get to 100 gifts (that’s you and four other people) and exceed $30,000 ($349 to go) by the end of July (that’s nine more days). 

Make a gift to the endowment here (choose the fund “Endowment”):


Thanks to all who gave. Giving to an endowment is a real visionary gift. 

Worship This Weekend at The Water’s Edge

I’m really enjoying our current sermon series, Defining Moments, so far. For the past three weeks, WE have looked at some of the defining moments in Joseph’s life and how he reacted to tough times, conflict, and prosperity. This is our final week and it is going to be a good one!

Saturday Evening at 5:00

Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30

21 More Prayers

Tomorrow morning (Saturday morning), our middle school youth will depart for their summer mission trip to Loveland, Colorado. Our students and adult volunteers will be working with local service organizations to minister to children, adults, and families through their presence and with their care at adult day centers, therapeutic horse riding, sorting donations, community and church gardens, visiting senior living centers, and serving local residents in need. Throughout the week they’ll have multiple opportunities to touch base with each other and grow in their faith through morning and evening programs, lunchtime and group devotions, and even a couple recreational and team building activities. I invite you to pray for each of the participants throughout the week and follow along on our social media pages to see how things are going. They leave Saturday, July 24th and return, Friday, July 30th.

Here is the list of students and adults to pray for:

Students (17)

Izzy Amaro

Josslin Bahensky

Brynn Berry

Ellery Chaplin

Anna Clements

Jacquelyn Collette

Brayden Cryer

Ava Fink

Lucas Gredy

Isaac Hormann

Brynn Martin

Piper McCormick

Abbi McKenny

Emma Schlick

Jacob Stalling

Taylor Stalling

Jack West

Adults (4)

Holly Fink

Karen Hutton

Chad Schuchmann

David Stalling

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