Kids & Youth Ministries

WE Kids  – Birth through 5th Grade

WE Youth – 6th Grade through 12th Grade

To be a church who relentlessly pursues a transforming relationship with God,  generously extends hope to the hurting,  sacrificially serves our families, and…

…radically invests in the next generation.

- The Water's Edge Vision

At The Water’s Edge, WE believe our kids are the greatest mission field WE can invest in. That’s why WE are commited to providing opportunities for kids of all ages to grow in the their faith. From newborns to high school seniors, our commitment to investing in the next generation means providing ways for our kids to not just learn about their faith, but to live it out as well. From Sunday morning WE Kids classes, Wednesday evening programs for kids and youth to summer experiences, helping our kids grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and each other is at the forefront of who WE are. Take a minute to check out everything WE Kids and WE Youth have to offer below. 

WE Kids

At The Water’s Edge, WE love kids! On any given Sunday, you will see a group of volunteers passionate about not only teaching kids the Bible, but helping to lead them into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. By working alongside parents, we are able to continue the lessons beyond Sunday morning.

At the Water’s Edge, we believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ can begin with even the youngest of kids. Each Sunday, our preschool aged kids engage in lessons and activities designed to introduce them to God and incite a sense of wonder about who He is and how He loves us.

Elementary aged kids are in a constant state of discovery. Each day, they are learning and connecting experiences with the world around them. Each Sunday, through the use of both Small Group and Large Group activities, our Elementary Kids are being invited to learn about their relationship with God and how to live it out.

WE Kids meets every Sunday morning during both our 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM worship service. WE also have other special events throughout the year such as VBS and Summer Camp!

WE Youth


Middle School and High School isn’t easy. Life moves fast and everything changes during these years. As adolescents make the transition from children to young adults, they need people in their lives to help navigate the changes, challenges, struggles and questions they’ll face.

The youth ministry at The Water’s Edge (WE Youth) is a place where middle school and high school students can find a place to belong. Our staff and volunteers are caring adults who are passionate about helping connect youth to God and others, engaging them with fun activities and through Christlike relationships, and growing in faith through meaningful messages and conversations relevant to their lives.

WEYouth is for all students currently in 6th-12thgrades.

Help Us Radically Invest In the Next Generation

Want to be a part of The Water’s Edge commitment to the next generation? Want to help lead kids into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ? Then sign up today to Lead Small!

When you lead small…

You realize that what you do for a few has more potential than what you do for many.

When you lead small…

You choose to invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith.

When you lead small…

  • You choose to connect a child’s faith to a community.
  • To Clarify their faith as they grow.
  • To Nurture an everyday faith.
  • To Inspire a child’s faith by your example.
  • To Engage a child’s faith in a bigger story.

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