Season Of Giving 2022 

Each year, The Water’s Edge participates in an annual Season of Giving during the months of November and December collecting donations and special offerings for our mission partners locally, nationally and internationally. Through our Season of Giving, our hope is that WE can share Christ’s love with others while providing for our neighbors at home and abroad. Below you will find information of this year’s partnerships. 


Project Wee Care

Donation Goal – 300 Students, $30,000

Project WEE Care is back on Sunday, November 20th. The Millard Business Association will have Christmas shopping lists for students in the Millard Public Schools would likely wouldn’t be getting presents if it wasn’t for us. WE know many of you have missed this the last two years with COVID. This is a great project for house churches, families, and friends to do together.

Our goal is to provide gifts and food for 300 students. At $100 per student our goal is $30,000. If shopping doesn’t work out for you, go to and use the pull-down menu Project WEE Care. At $30,000—this is one of our largest mission offerings. All the food and clothes and other gifts stay right here in our community.


Operation Christmas Child

Donation Goal – 100 Boxes

One of our students, Taylor Stalling, runs this ministry. Isn’t that cool? Small boxes are filled with toys and shipped overseas to children who wouldn’t get any Christmas presents otherwise. She will have a table in the lobby the next two Sundays. Participating is easy, fun, and has a big impact. Parents: this is a great activity to do with your children. The collection day is Sunday, November 13th.

Donation Goal – 200 Meals Per Family

$40 per Meal = $8000

Not everybody in Omaha has food on their tables on Thanksgiving. Our goal is to provide 200 Thanksgiving meals for families in Omaha who wouldn’t get a Thanksgiving meal otherwise. WE have provided thousands of Thanksgiving meals in our history and this year WE are going to add to that total. Here are the two ways to feed hungry people in our city this Thanksgiving:

  1. Pick up the shopping list one of the next two Sundays in the bulletin, go buy the groceries, and bring the groceries to the church and include a $15 check to Together Omaha. You can also find the grocery list below.
  2. Make an online donation. The cost is $40 per Thanksgiving meal. Donate as many meals as you feel led to share at and use the pull-down menu: Together Thanksgiving Dinner.

All the money and groceries WE collect will given to Together Omaha and they will get the Thanksgiving meals to those who need them. They are one of the best non-profits in Omaha and WE are one of their longest partners.

It would be really cool when your family prays on Thanksgiving that you get to include the family or families that you provided a Thanksgiving dinner for.

Return the groceries and make your financial gifts on or before Sunday, November 13th.


Together Thanksgiving Meals