WE Feed Ministry

About the WE Feed Ministry

The WE Meal Ministry is designed to provide assistance to individuals during a time of need. Referrals for the meal ministry can be submitted to Gaileen Krebs. When a meal calendar is created, a link will be created and volunteers can sign up to take a meal. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve members of the WE family. 

Be a Part of WE Feed

We need more volunteers that would be willing to provide a meal for a family. These acts of kindness are so greatly appreciated by the families served. To participate in the meal ministry or find out current needs, please contact Leandra Esler.

A word from those involved in WE Feed…

“The Mealtrain brought hope, significant help, joy, inspiration, life and a giant sense of relief over some of the hardest times of my life. The generosity of The Water’s Edge congregation and willingness to help allowed me some inner peace knowing my children would have a nice warm meal when I could not provide this myself. It’s been an incredible blessing during a tough cancer battle that I am and will be forever grateful for.”

– Cari Schaefer

“So very few things in life are 100%, but providing a meal to one of our church family always, 100% of the time, makes me feel good. And it’s not a “look at me, how great a person I am” sort of deal either. The feeling is more, “Yes, that’s why I’m here; this is what it means to be a part of this community.” It hits directly, every time, at the core of who I want, need and am called to be regardless of where I am in my faith right at that moment.”

– Doug Giffin

“We are very proud of those who created and are maintaining the Meal Train for our church. It has been a privilege to be involved with this very important ministry. It has made us more aware of how something as small as a meal can help make life just a little bit easier and with one less thing to worry about. We are profoundly blessed.”

– Dean and Gail Steinmeyer