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Tough Love - A Series on Relationships

Sometimes love is tough. But loving others is always worth it and then some. In February 2019,  WE took a look at how to love others well. How to practice humility. How to have tough conversations. And, how to deal with difficult people. Love is tough—but it is much better than the alternative and its outcome is amazing.

Week 1 - The Value of Community

Week 3 - Loving One Another

Week 2 - You Are Not Always Right

Week 4 - Tough Conversations

Relationship Tips

Relationship Tip #1

When somebody is hurting, don’t give them advice or try to fix them. Just be present. Your presence is what you are most qualified to give and your presence is what they need the most.

Relationship Tip #2

It is better to forgive and live than to remember and resent.

Relationship Tip #3

You are better off losing your pride over someone you love than you are losing someone you love over your pride. Practice humility.

Relationship Tip #4

When you listen you have one job: listening. Not thinking about a response. Not overtaking. Not daydreaming. Listening. So listen well.

Relationship Tip #5

Just because you disagree with somebody doesn’t mean you have to dislike them. Accept their humanity like God accepts your humanity.

Relationship Tip #6

Put the health of your relationships before your need to be right. When one party wins and one party loses–the relationship loses.

Relationship Tip #7

You aren’t going to change a toxic person and can’t change any person for that matter. So stop trying. One thing you can do: change your reaction to such people.

Relationship Tip #8

 People who are not happy with themselves will never be happy with you. So don’t seek or wait for their approval.

Relationship Tip #9

We cripple people who are capable of walking when we choose to carry them. Stop enabling.

Relationship Tip #10

You don’t have to participate in every fight you are invited to.

Relationship Tip #11

Learn to walk away from people who threaten your self-respect and peace of mind.

Relationship Tip #12

Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do.

Relationship Tip #13

Conflict doesn’t work itself out. Some conversations are going to be difficult.

Relationship Tip #14

Tough conversations are rarely about getting the facts straight. They are about conflicting interpretations, perceptions, and values.

 Relationship Tip #15

The most important approach to a tough conversation any of us can take is this: moving our internal stance from “I understand” to “help me understand.”

Relationship Tip #16

People change over time. You will never talk to the same person twice.

Relationship Tip #17

Direct communication leads to deep community. Be clear and authentic in your conversations.

Relationship Tip #18

Vulnerability is the parent of courage, change, and connecting.

Relationship Tip #19

Positive emotions produce kindness, humility, and wisdom. Negative emotions produce arrogant, irrational, fools. Be positive.

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