Open And Unafraid

In the chaos and busyness that everyday live often causes, it is easy for us to feel lost. To feel like we need to mask who we are. To feel like we need to mask what we are feeling or risk being alone. In the book of Psalms, we are reminded of the opposite. We are reminded that, no matter who we are or where we come from, we are not alone. That we can be honest and open. That we can feel sadness anger without being ashamed. We learn about life and, likewise, death. Through prayer, poetry and lament, the Psalms provide us a rich resource for living life open and unafraid.

Join The Water’s Edge beginning August 9th as WE take a journey through the book of Psalms.

Sermon Videos & Notes

Psalms Reading Plan

Join us as WE read through the Psalms over 30 days beginning on August 6ht. You can read along in your Bibles, on your preferred Bible app or by clicking the date and chapter below. WE encourage you to do each day’s reading and then join us at noon on Thursdays for a “Lunch and Learn” at Pastor Craig will sharing be sharing his thoughts and ways WE can apply each day’s reading to our everyday lives. 

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