Lent Devo

Central to our faith is our belief in forgiveness.  As Christians we believe we are forgiven by a gracious Father in heaven.  We believe only He has the power to forgive us our sins and that it was His son who died for those sins on the cross.  Or do we?

True belief would imply once we ask for forgiveness, and are granted it by our loving Father, we can put that sin behind us.  Unfortunately we don’t always do that.

We hold on to our past indiscretions and carry them around like some tired, tattered baggage.  Perhaps we think we need to hang on to them to remind us never to do that thing again.  Perhaps we think lugging them through our daily lives is our punishment, our penance, for doing them in the first place.  Or maybe we think our God just doesn’t really wipe the slate clean of our screw-ups.  Whatever the case, holding on to the past is just silly and counterproductive and speaks to our true belief in God’s power. 

If we don’t relinquish control and give it over to God are we saying, in a sense, we want to maintain control? We want to be the ones to say when we’re released from the past or the misdeeds?  For what purpose? 

When it gets down to it, we must humble ourselves before God.  Give the thing up already and walk away.  God is surely big enough to handle it. He made us.  He made the whole world after all.  He is up to the task.

So, let go.  God has this, and you also.  Trust in Him.

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