Lent Devo

“Everything’s Fine”

Is this your default reply when someone asks you how you are?  If so, you’re not alone.  We’re conditioned in our society today to put our best foot forward, to not burden others with our troubles, to not show any sign of weakness.  No chinks in the armor means no one gets inside.  Which is all well and good until we’re NOT okay.  Then, denial isn’t just a really long river, it’s a trap.

We rucksack our sorrow, we push it way, way down until even we don’t remember it’s been crammed back in the corner of our psyche until one day it surfaces again.  I don’t have to tell you, this isn’t healthy.

Sometime, someday we have to deal with our hurts, our injuries.  Our wounds have to be bandaged.  Luckily we have a God who welcomes this, wants this and offers us comfort and courage when we’re in pain and inconsolable.  All we need to do is come to Him on our knees.

The pain we feel isn’t weakness and it’s not any source of shame of guilt.  Our hurt is human, just as we have been made in His image.  He knows us and should.  After all he knew us before we were born.  It stands to reason he knows what we’ve got tucked in all our corners. 

Take some time today to confess, allow yourself to feel and be vulnerable in front of the God who loves you so much he gave up his only son for you. 

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