Lent Devo

Stop making sense. I was in college in 1984 when The Talking Heads released the album of the above name. I saw the movie. I pored over the lyrics of “Once in a Lifetime” looking for meaning. I’m an over analyzer like that. I like science and boxing things up neatly. It can be a real pitfall.

Paralysis by analysis is something I know well. Logic and reason and knowledge are comforting to those like me who abhor mistakes. I want to make sure I’ve exhausted, really exhausted, all the avenues of information before I give my final answer. I never would have made it on “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

Unfortunately the call we’re asked to answer by our God doesn’t necessarily have to do, always, with more data. The leap we’re asked to take isn’t one we can plot out, with probabilities of success. Sometimes it just doesn’t quite make sense, especially in today’s world.

Today’s common rationale is pumped full of great stuff from the information super highway. In fact, it’s altogether possible to find likelihoods and odds on just about any decision we have to make. That’s why faith seems so countercultural.

To accept something based on belief, without hard, technical support, to follow your heart and not your head; well, that takes some guts. And just to be transparent, I don’t walk around with this nearly as much as I should. But when it comes down to it, that’s what we’re asked to do. Give up the need for support and online reassurance and follow our heart.

Take a break from rationalism and let God be your lifeline.

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