Lent Devo

I’m a fence-sitter.  I tend to be a lot like Switzerland, neither supporting nor opposing either side.  I suppose it stems from my upbringing or my personality or my need to be liked, whatever, I don’t want to make waves.  Which is cool and all, but not really at all like Jesus modeled. 

He didn’t avoid speaking the truth for fear of offending or putting anyone off.  He wasn’t afraid to take a stand and state the truth.  He knew it might alienate and upset people.  He knew his message would be far from p.c. (before p.c. was a thing) and far from palatable for some. 

Now, there’s certainly something to be said for tact and there’s great value in delivering the message in love but if we refuse to stand for anything we will ultimately stand for nothing. And saying nothing doesn’t make us much of a follower.  Jesus didn’t shy away from controversy. He knew feathers would be ruffled. In fact especially as it pertained to the church he was particularly outspoken. God doesn’t want closet Christians.

He tells us to not hide our light under a basket. We are supposed to let it shine.  Riding the fence never gets anything done for others and doesn’t benefit us either.  We’re not called to be great orators or world missionaries but we are called to speak up, to tell others the good news.

So, during Lent, try getting off the fence, stepping forward, and telling.  Don’t worry quite so much about the consequences, answer only to God.  The growth and impact will come to you and those around you.

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