Lent Devo

As we go through our daily lives, we tend to compare ourselves to the people around us. You might compare yourself to a random stranger, or maybe you’re comparing yourself to your best friend. During work we might compare ourselves to a colleague, or maybe in school we compare ourselves to the A+ student that is sitting next to us. When we compare ourselves, we tend to do one of two things. We might lose confidence because we aren’t as smart or athletic as someone else or we gain confidence because we are smarter or better looking than the people around us. Both types of these comparisons tend to have a negative impact on our lives because we lose sight of what truly matters, loving others. God has made all of us great in his creation, so why does it matter what people around you think or do?

Instead of thinking that you are worthless because someone got the promotion at work, show support and congratulate them on the new job. Instead of bragging about your athletic ability, help the teammate who is struggling on the field. When we turn comparison into care, we grow closer to God in our faith and in our actions. When Jesus was on Earth, he did many truly remarkable things. Every action that he made was out of care, not comparison. Jesus took the time to help people that nobody would go near, he would talk to the people that nobody would speak to. If everyday we care for others instead of comparing ourselves to others, we will live a happier and a more joyful life.

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