Lent Devo

At first blush it may seem strange to advocate for a decrease in self-confidence.  Our society exalts the individual, not the one who defers to a higher power or something greater than themselves these days.  We’re told to trust in ourselves, in our “gut” and in our innate sense of right and wrong.  Still, the question remains, where do we place our confidence and why do we do so?

Confidence isn’t a bad thing in and of itself as long as it’s not misplaced or overdone into an inflated ego. Furthermore, with the irresponsibility displayed by some people we’re justified in turning our trust to ourselves. After all only we can fully control whether we come through in a pinch. But where does this get us?

Are we relegated to become some kind of one man wolf pack and in doing so are we as foolish as it sounds?   Are we the “rock” and “island” Simon and Garfunkel extolled so many years ago?  We may be, and to our own detriment.

The truth is, it’s the mature, the fully formed and the highest functioning who know just how small they are. Those who know they’re merely cogs in a larger machine and are happy not to stand out but do their part well and be content in it have a peace those rolling in self-confidence can’t imagine. Truly throttling back on the “me” and enjoying the “we” is a formula for contentment and connection those who trust only in themselves can never understand. 

So decrease your reliance on yourself a bit today.  Place your confidence in God and realize how far relying on Him can take you.

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