Lent Devo

Skepticism and cynicism prevail in our society.  We’ve all become a bit too untrusting, a bit too “I won’t believe unless I see.”  Thomas would feel vindicated. 

To be fair there’s nothing wrong with looking for proof in business or in life; it’s self-preservation really.  “Trust but verify” is the cornerstone of prudent deal making.  However, that’s for things of this world.  Our Father in heaven is not of this world.

Our faith requires our other-worldly trust, something out of the ordinary in our all-too-ordinary lives.  This counter-cultural requirement is as it should be because something as big as our salvation, our sanctification, our eternal life shouldn’t be something we can draw a formula about.  Just take a quick look at the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son and you’ll see Jesus didn’t think this was a transactional process either.

No, this takes the trust in a miracle, birth and resurrection, in order to save us.  Eternal life, after all, doesn’t make sense, the biology, the physiology of it never has any more than the miracles Jesus performed. 

So, for today, suspend your skepticism, decrease your doubt and simply accept that the God who made the universe and everything in it sent his Son here to die for your sins.  Accept the gift without distrust or denial.  And live.

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