Lent Devo

In every life some rain must fall. I’m paraphrasing to keep this PG but “stuff” happens. However you say it, we all know it’s true. It’s one of the realities of life that bad stuff happens and to good people as well as bad. However, this doesn’t mean we’re cursed and we’re far from being Job from the bible.

You may remember Job as the upright and blameless wealthy man who lost all his servants, livestock and children in one day. One day and they were all wiped out. Then the devil hit him with a horrific skin condition to make him physically miserable. The capper was the crummy advice he got from his friends about what to do and why all this happened. Talk about bad luck.

Sometimes if we’re not mindful we can feel like Job.  We can feel like the whole world is crashing down around us and our troubles are simply too much to bear.  But take a step back. Perhaps we shouldn’t quite equate our discomfort with Job’s suffering. Apples aren’t oranges and our loss and pain, although real and painful to us, doesn’t approximate Job’s.

To begin with our tough times, speaking from personal experience, are often the result of personal decisions not faith or evil intervention. And while we’re tested and our faith may be stressed, it’s not necessarily some ultimate good versus evil experiment. Trouble is trouble though and dependent on your experience getting through it, it can seem monumental. Thanks goodness, of ten ti’s not. 

There is one way however we should endeavor or attempt to be like Job and that’s in our faith. 

Our trust in God should remain the cornerstone regardless of our circumstances and events (good or bad) that befall us. We may suffer and endure emotional, physical and relational pain but our God is always with us. Our father in heaven is always our refuge and our redeemer from the storms of this life.  So, today, take a step back, realize with God’s help, you’ve both got this.

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