Lent Devo

Why do we withhold? Why do we hold back? Why do we resist giving something either materially or figuratively? Why do we hoard?

Perhaps it’s because we have a scarcity mindset.  We think there’s only a limited amount of something, as if they (whoever “they” is) aren’t making any more love or any more caring so we’re going to ration ours out or not give it out at all because there’s a shortage like toilet paper or something.

Perhaps we think the potential receiver hasn’t earned it, whatever “it” is. They have not been good enough or given us enough of it to warrant us giving some of the same back to them. After all, we are the arbiters, we are the judges dispensing justice in the distribution of whatever it is we think we must control.

If these sound a little silly they should. If they hit a little too close to home about your thought processes, that’s good. We all need to decrease what we withhold. We’ll likely be better, happier people for it.

It’s surprising how what we give out comes back to us. Kind gestures, or just caring and encouragement or thoughtful acts, pay immediate dividends. And who knows, perhaps the people on the receiving end will do the same to you or someone also and make your life or someone else’s just a little better. Why wouldn’t we want that? Why wouldn’t we want our load to be lightened?

Decreasing our withholding frees us of the burden of determining where our good works are distributed. Everybody and always are not only inclusive maxims, they’re easy to remember.  One less worry, one less account to keep track of and soon our minds and souls are free to consider even more generous and selfless acts.

So today, give giving a chance.  Allow your answer to be yes, don’t consider it, just do it. Decreasing your withholding might just be the addition you need.

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