Lent Devo

Impassivity, indifference, without care or concern, without opinion or excitement. Apathy can easily creep in to our lives. We get burned out in our jobs, sports, or activities and we simply no longer have an interest in them. This can push us to a lack of desire to connect with others, engage in life, or confront the situations we find facing us. The result is that we can withdrawal from life, from work, from friendship and relationships.

Apathy is checking out. It’s approaching the things in our lives without intention. If I’m not focused or disciplined; then I’m simply going through the motions. Apathy isn’t so much about our feelings but has more to do with our will. And it is through our will that we can defeat apathy.

When you don’t know what to do, start with an action. Will trumps feelings, and as we will ourselves to action, our feelings, and emotions; our passions and desires will come out. As we choose to enter into life and faith, our hearts will engage with others and with our God.

God did not design us to simply sleepwalk through life. He made each of us to be unique, gifted, talented, and passionate people. Colossians 3:23-24 reminds us we were not made for lives of apathy, but of purpose, “serving and loving God becomes our motivation for everything we do”

As you go about today, as yourself, Where in my life am I feeling and experiencing apathy? Is it work, relationships, activities, faith? What is something I can do today that will combat my apathy? What can I “will to do” that will push me towards action and help me to begin to move from indifference, inaction, and impassivity; into renewed love, desire, passion, energy, and excitement for those things?


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