When it comes to the disciples, Jesus didn’t have a cookie-cutter layout of who He would enlist. There was no road-map, no “Discipleship for Dummies” manual and no follow-the-bouncing ball approach along the way. And, this meant that sometimes, the twelve messed up. But, rather than grow weary of their antics, Jesus understood they were unperfect. He knew they were unqualified and unprepared. Despite being unperfect, Jesus did not see them as unteachable or unlovable. He didn’t see them as lost causes. Instead of giving up, He used their mishaps, missteps and mistakes as teachable moments. Moments of grace. Moments of hope. Moments of acceptance. Moments that are repeated with all of us each day. This February, join The Water’s Edge as we take a look at how God can use unperfect people in unexpected ways. 

Sermons In This Series

Growth is a process and a journey.
Matthew 9:9-13
Give what you have – Jesus takes care of the rest
Matthew 14:13-21
 Sermon Notes
God’s promise is not based on our perfection
Matthew 26:31-56 
We are under-qualified but get to do God’s work anyway
Matthew 28:16-20