Start With Prayer

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Prayer is a very personal and powerful thing. Through prayer we…Grow our relationship with God. We seek His presence. We surrender to His will. We give thanks and pray. And, we find peace. This collection of resources what put together to help guide you as you grow your prayer life. We encourage you, no matter where you are in your faith journey, to pray. Daily. Continuosly. Even it you have never prayed before. Start today. Start now.

Tips On Prayer

Adapted From How To Pray – A Simple Guide For Normal People by Pete Greig


“Be still and know I am God.” 

Being still and silent prepare our minds and hearts to pray from a place of peace, faith and adoration.


After pausing to be still and take in God’s presence as we begin to pray, it is only natural that we follow this with reverance. Lingering in a time of rejoicing in God’s blessings.


In its simplest and most immediate meaning, prayer is asking God for help. Through prayer, He invites us to ask God for things for ourselves (prayers of petition) and for others (intercessory prayer).


The final step in prayer is surrender. We yield to the presence of God through contemplative prayer and listening to His Word. We yield to His holiness through confession and reconciliation. And, we yield to His power as we as for forgiveness.

Praying As A Family

As you engage in prayer with your family, you will discover what works best for the members of your household, and for you. Beyond these few suggestions, you can pray together with your family in many more ways. Don’t get discouraged, some prayers will be easier for you and your family than others. Allow your family to experiment with different ways to pray, explore other ideas beyond just these suggestions. For additional help and ideas in praying together as a family, feel free to contact our Kids or Youth Ministry staff.

Jason Kennedy – WE Kids Pastor –
Chad Schuchmann – WE Youth Director –

Suggestions for Praying Together With Others

  • Be brief. Limit yourself to a couple of sentences at a time, cover just one thought instead of many.
  • Use everyday language – You don’t have to try to impress others, or God, with the words you use.
  • Pray spontaneously rather than using traditional memorized prayers.
  • Build on the prayers of others as in conversation. When a topic is complete, it will be clear by the silence. Anyone can move on to the next topic, not just a parent.
  • Pray loud enough so others can hear you. For those with soft voices, don’t pray with your head down.
  • Pray along silently with the one who is praying, repeat their words in your head. This helps you stay focused and actively involved in the prayer even when you are not the one speaking.
  • Don’t rush to fill a silence. Silences are normal, and can actually be restful.

Prayers You Can Pray as a Family

A.C.T.S. Prayer

Gather as a family and use this prayer as a model for each person to pray about. One person can start and then everyone says a sentence or word that fits that topic.

  • Adoration – Use names for God or Jesus to show your love for him. (Comforter, Healer, Merciful, Loving)
  • Confession – Be willing to admit your mistakes to God. (impatience, hurtful words, disobedience, anger, lies, bad thoughts)
  • Thanksgiving – Thank God for the good things and blessings you have or are experiencing during this time (extra family time, slowed down schedule, family meals, big moments in “school at home”).
  • Supplication – Ask God for the things you need or want to pray for (this is a good place to add in the 10 things to pray for)

Pow-Wow Prayer

Sit in a circle. Explain to the family you are going to do a Pow-Wow prayer. Pow’s are things that may have knocked you or someone else down that day. They are something you are praying for yourself or someone else (healing, comfort, peace, strength, etc). Wow’s are something good that happened that day (joys, celebrations, things you are thankful for).

Ask each person to name one “wow” (something good) and one “pow” (something they want to pray for or about). Then let the next person pray one sentence for the blessing and one sentence for the need. Continue on to the next person until everyone has a chance to both share and pray. Each time you gather, sit in a different order so everyone has a chance to pray for each other.

This prayer helps us focus on praying for and celebrating with others. When we pray for someone else, it helps us focus more loving them, encourages support and cooperation in the family, and can even help us be less focused on our own problems and struggles.

Prayer Wall or Board

Transform a wall in a high traffic area of your home into a prayer center. Hang a bulletin board or white board, or just use the wall. Put up photos of people to pray for and attach sticky notes with specific needs. Add other pictures of reasons to thank God, such as creation and recent blessings.

Choose a time during the day when you gather as a family to pray. Stand by the wall and pray over each picture and note. Add a sticker or note when God answers a prayer.

Using picture, can be a great way to introduce prayer to little ones. Children can even draw the pictures of the things they want to pray for as a way of helping them remember.

In the Moment Prayers

Be ready to stop and pray as needs arise. You could designate a room or space as the Prayer Room where anyone can call the family to gather to pray. Or just pray right where you are. Ask the person who called for prayer to state the need; then hold hands and invite that person to start the prayer. Each person can speak up and join the prayer out loud or squeeze the hand of the next person if they prefer to pray silently.

Pray with your children before they leave the house, before they start their school at home each day. Pray at meals and bedtime. Pray when you hear bad news. Pray when you hear good new or have something to celebrate.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer

Teach your children to pray the way Jesus taught the disciples. Take a moment to pray through the prayer. You can even pause with each statement to add in your own words and make it specific to each family member.

Our Father who art in heaven – God, thank you for watching over us

Hallowed be thy name – You are holy and precious (or add other names and descriptions of God)

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven – Help us to live each day in ways that point others to you

Give us this day our daily bread – Help provide us with the things we need to get through today

And forgive us our trespasses – We’re sorry for the mistakes we’ve made today and the things we’ve done that get in the way of our relationships with you and others.

As we forgive those who trespass against us – Since you forgive us, help us to show the same love and forgiveness to others.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil – Help us to make good choices and avoid getting into situations where we are tempted to do wrong.

For yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory Forever, Amen – God, everything is yours, we know you’re in control, and we praise you for who you are. Amen.

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