With Both Feet

We go to a lake in the summer. There are two ways to get in the water. One is to dip a toe in and gradually enter the water. The other is to jump in with both feet. Toe dippers are typically not huge fans of commitment. Maybe a little risk adverse. They dip their toe in water and test things out. The temperature. The current. They are keeping their options open. Like staying out of the water. On the dock. Or on the boat. Or on the shore.

Those who jump in with both feet have faith. They know what it’s like to hang in the air for a second or two. They know what it’s like to plunge into depths of the water. There’s no turning back once you’re in the air. The water is your new companion. Lots of toe dippers never make it into the water. It seems too cold. Or there is some unknown. Or it’s too much change.

Some toe dippers make it into the water. Have you ever done it that way before? You gradually go a little deep. Your toes then your shins then your knees then your thighs. It’s safe. Maybe not quite as messy. But not very pleasant. It becomes easier to take the plunge than it does to slowly immerse. Here is the problem with toe dipping. The toe dipper may or may not ever fully immerse themselves into the water. They might be on the shore or on a hill overlooking the water. Never experiencing the recreation or the relaxation or the refreshment only water provides.

And so it is the God’s Kingdom.

The next month, here at The Water’s Edge, WE are all going to challenge each other to jump in with both feet. How we worship and how often we worship. How we give and how we forgive. How we relate to and care for each other. He we are forming ourselves and each other into Christ’s likeness. How we love and serve people who can do absolutely nothing for us.

Join us beginning October 30th as WE invite you to jump in With Both Feet.


Week 1

Worship, Community, Formation & Missions

Week 2

Paddling with the Current – Abundance

Week 3

Making Waves – Generosity

Week 4

Splash – Gratitude & Celebration