Throughout the book of Acts you see faith spreading and changing lives. And this is not contained within the walls of a building. In Acts, WE see God’s people in action.  A covenant family fulfilling God’s promise to build the temple – a temple that was not a building, but His people. Over the next four weeks, WE will take a look at the book of Acts and see how a small flame was ignited by people acting bolding on the power faith. We’ll see how we can ignite this same kind of flame in our own lives and the lives of others.

Sermon Videos & Life Group Guides

Coming soon! To open the Life Group Guides, click on each week’s title. 

Reading Plan

Join us as WE read through the book of Acts over the next 28 days. Our readings will begin on June 8th and run through July 5th. You can read along in your Bibles, on your preferred Bible app or by clicking the date and chapter below. WE encourage you to do each day’s reading and then join us at noon Monday through Friday for a “Lunch and Learn” at Facebook.com/WEOmaha. Members of our staff will be sharing their thoughts and ways WE can apply each day’s reading to our everyday lives. 

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