Lent Devo

Silence. It used to be something I ran from. Something that scared me. Because, in the silence, I had to…listen. These days, silence is no longer something I run from. In fact, it has become something I find myself running toward.

In the restlessness of life, it’s in the quiet moments that I feel…grounded…at peace…loved. It’s in the silence that I hear His voice the loudest. It’s in the silence that I feel surrounded by His presence. It’s in the silence that I begin to grasp the unwavering presence of…His perfection. His love. His mercy. His justice. His glory. His being. And it is in the silence that I am left in awe and amazement that, despite my missteps, failures and imperfections, He invites me into this wonderful, amazing, unconditional, beautiful relationship with Him.

I once viewed silence as a prison. A place I wanted so desperately to escape. Now, I realize it’s where I want to be. Because in surrender of silence, there is freedom.

“In reality, only in silence does man succeed in hearing in the depth of his conscience the voice of God, which really makes him free.” – Pope John Paul II

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