Lent Devo

When I was in high school, memorizing poetry was something we had to do. In those days, it wasn’t so much about hearing the words of the poet so much as it was just getting through the words. Reciting them from auto-pilot, never fully understanding their meaning.

Often, our spiritual lives can be a lot my high school English class. Just going through the list of things to do. Checking off the things. Going on to the next. Watching, but never really being present. Never really fully immersing ourselves in experiencing all God offers.

Spending time in my son’s new city has allowed many mornings filled with walks to grab a cup of coffee. One morning, as I walked through a neighborhood that was new to me, I wondered if the people who live here saw what I saw? The eclectic mix of college kids, young families and empty nesters. Filling the streets, filling the coffee shops. Did they notice the shop owners preparing for another day’s work? Did they hear the birds above the cars rushing by? Did they notice the man sitting on the bench, smiling and saying hello to everyone as they pass? Did they notice how the sun shines on the historic buildings on the strip? Or how the old houses intermingle with the new, contemporary construction that dot the neighborhood streets?

There’s an ebb and flow to life. A lyrical symphony speaking to all of us. To be honest, if I weren’t a stranger to this city, I would have likely missed it, too. Missed the beauty the ordinary has to offer. Missed the words to the song that God sings to us with each new day. It’s a song that speaks truth in ways we often miss. Poetry in motion, reminding us of His presence. His faithfulness. His steadfast love.

The days ahead are full of uncertainty and change. This is true. But, the truth of that shouldn’t mask the greater truth we have been given. A truth that is recited to us with each and every day. A truth we just need to remember to stop and not just listen to, but hear, immerse ourselves in and experience…completely.


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